Development Monitors

Tozer Gallagher’s Development Monitoring Team has a proven track record of success in leading comprehensive reviews on property development transactions with values ranging from £350k up to £150 million. Our core skills include ‘due diligence’, development monitoring, financial management and lending advisory support.


Our Development Monitoring Capability

With the growing amount of capital under alternative and less traditional management, there are increasing opportunities for the use of Islamic, peer-to-peer and equity crowd-funding financing in backing projects. Armed with an appreciation of the relevant principles of the Shariah and the ability to address the concerns of less conventional lenders, borrowers and project sponsors our development monitoring service and comprehensive reporting commitment aims to identify risk and to assist in the decision-making process when the Investor is considering lending and investing in viable developments. Our unique approach has proved vital for ensuring stakeholders and financiers remain fully protected and to maintain their confidence in the property development sector.

The developments we are engaged on range from small conversion projects to high value, high profile and quite often complex transactions as a result of city centre locations and stakeholders often with connections to off-shore investor structures. This demands a thorough understanding of various types of traditional, Peer-to-Peer and Islamic financial structures.

Tozer Gallagher has gained a reputation for providing a thorough and reliable development consultancy service, developing excellent working relationships with transactional teams and by making a positive contribution to the successful delivery of development projects.